Acorde de Carolina Drama (barreja acústica) – Jack White

Am (hammer on and off the D and G string)I'm not sure if there's a point to this story C B AmBut I'm going to tell it againAmSo many other people try to tell the taleC B AmNot one of them knows the end .AmIt was a junk-house in South CarolinaC B AmHeld a boy the age of tenAmAlong with his older brother BillyC B AmAnd their mother and her boyfriend DWho was a triple loser with some blue tattoos DThat were given to him when he was young AmAnd a drunk temper that was easy to lose C B Em AmAnd thank god he didn't own a gunAmWell, Billy woke up in the back of his truck C B AmTook a minute to open his eyesHe took a peep into the back of the houseAnd found himself a big surpriseDHe didn't see his brother but there was his motherWith her red-headed head in her hands AmWhile the boyfriend had his gloves wrapped around an oldC B Em AmPriest trying to choke the man( C B Em G)( F )softly( Am G F ) (softly gently 2x)AmBilly looked up from the window to the truck C B AmThrew up, and had to struggle to standAmHe saw that red-necked bastard with a hammer C B AmTurn the priest into a shell of a manDThe priest was putting up the fight of his lifeDBut he was old and he was bound to lose AmThe boyfriend hit as hard as he could C B Em AmAnd knocked the priest right down to his shoesAmWell, now Billy knew but never actually met C B AmThe preacher lying there in the roomAmHe heard himself say, "That must be my daddy" C G AmThen he knew what he was gonna doDBilly got up enough courage, took it upDAnd grabbed the first blunt thing he could find AmIt was a cold, glass bottle of milk C G Em AmThat got delivered every morning at nine( C B Em G)( F )( Am G F )( Am G F)( Em )AmBilly broke in and saw the blood on the floor, andAmHe turned around and put the lock on the doorDmHe looked dead into the boyfriend's eye EHis mother was a ghost, too upset to cry, thenAmHe took a step toward the man on the groundAmFrom his mouth trickled out a little audible soundDmHe heard the boyfriend shout, "Get out!" EAnd Billy said, "Not till I know what this is all about"Am"Well, this preacher here was attacking your mama"AmBut Billy knew just who was starting the dramaDmSo Billy took dead aim at his face EAnd smashed the bottle on the man who left his dad in disgrace, andAmThe white milk dripped down with the blood, and theAmBoyfriend fell down dead for good DmRight next to the preacher who was gasping for air EAnd Billy shouted, "Daddy, why'd you have to come back here?"AmHis mama reached behind the sugar and honey, andAmPulled out an envelope filled with money Dm"Your daddy gave us this," she collapsed in tears E"He's been paying all the bills for years"Am"Mama, let's put this body underneath the treesAmand put Daddy in the truck and head to Tennessee"DmJust then, his little brother came in EHolding the milk man's hat and a bottle of gin singing,AmWell now you heard another side to the story C B AmBut you wanna know how it ends?AmIf you must know, the truth about the taleC B AmGo and ask the milkman

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